“Bringing personalized color design solutions into your life

About Us

At Studio Milano, our goal is to provide expert color consulting services so that our clients can make the best color choices for their products, branding strategies, interior/exterior design and any other applications where color plays a critical role.

We pride ourselves on designing practical solutions for our clients requirements—whether it be a small, intimate space or a multi-national company project.

At Studio Milano we are aware that a full integration of art and science is necessary to create a comprehensive color design strategy to deliver the best results to our clients.

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The Color Difference

We are firm believers that by combining our knowledge of the psychologically and physiologically effects that color has on our daily lives allows us to create a one of a kind solutions that capture our clients vision.

Setting The Tone

A balanced chromatic context simplifies our daily life. Chromatic combinations does not only produce frame of mind and impressions – both subjective and objective-, but it also influences the perception of temperature, volume, weight, noise, and the passing of time.



Esteban Bressan
Esteban Bressan

Co-founder, Designer

Massimo Caiazzo
Massimo Caiazzo

Co-founder, Designer

Michael Giacalone
Michael Giacalone

Client Manager