Michael Giacalone

Michael Giacalone

Michael is an international marketing and public relations executive with nearly two decades of experience in designing and promoting highly successful and visible cultural campaigns, events and exchanges that blend state-of-the-art research, digital engagement, traditional media relations, advocacy and grassroots outreach. His contribution has played a critical role in helping the U.S. and international clients navigate today’s complex issues—consumer, crisis, public affairs, litigation, trade, climate change.

An expert in his field he excels at forging and retaining strategic partnerships with international organizations, embassies, academic institutions, museums, film and cultural institutions, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

Michael has an excellent track record in meeting and exceeding fundraising goals in excess of $5 million dollars through business development and partnerships.

As a compelling communicator, writer and public speaker with strong networking skills; Michael brings a multicultural and multilingual (English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian) advantage with a natural ability to connect people from diverse and linguistic backgrounds.

Know as a strong team player & leader he has always been recognized for mentoring staff, and producing exemplary success during his career.